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Imagine Looking Slimmer and Feeling Great

Losing those extra pounds will make you feel better and give you confidence in your body again.

Using only clinically proven ingredients, Superfruit Slim can help you win that ongoing battle to reduce calorie intake whilst burning more calories.

Superfruit Slim

Benefits of Superfruit Slim

  • Clinically proven ingredients to Kick Start your Weight Loss.
  • Shown to help weight loss and decrease your waist line.
  • Free from negative side effects.
  • Free shipping on all orders, worldwide.
  • Every order backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee.

We, and thousands of our customers, believe Superfruit Slim's clinically proven formula can give you the edge in shifting excess fat and giving back your confidence and self-esteem.

Science Behind Superfruit Slim

african mango graph

Up to 4 times faster weight loss with African Mango

African Mango has been proven to help the body trap fat cells and in turn safely eliminate them from the body.

When taken at a rate of 150mg twice per day then volunteers in a clinically researched study lost on average 4 times more weight than people taking a placebo product. When combined with a modified diet and moderate exercise then the rate of weight loss was even higher.

Superfruit Slim contains an optimised dosage of 1200mg of African Mango extract which has been shown to have the optimum results for weight loss.

acai graph

Super Anti-Oxidants of Acai

Acai Berry has been around for a while now, but unless you use the right quality of raw materials and in the correct daily dosage you will see little results.

Scientific studies have shown numerous health benefits in the correct supplementation, with an increase in energy, promotes cardiovascular health and weight loss.

Put simply a healthier body will burn fat more efficiently. When your body is working at its best, fat burning becomes easier and longer lasting.

green tea graph

Green Tea and Caffeine boosting

The real "secret sauce" for long lasting weight loss is to be able to safely elevate the metabolism and the rate at which the body burns fat.

The holy grail is a combination of green tea extract and caffeine which studies have concluded will more than double the rate of resting metabolism. This leaves the body in a state of heightened lipolyte reduction, in turn it works to burn fat twice as quickly compared to a placebo.

Your body is literally burning the fat without you even knowing it.

Real Customers, Real Results.

12 pounds lost in just 2 weeks!

"I was a little unsure at first whether to buy Superfruit Slim or not, but it turned into one of the best decisions I have made. The fat is literally dropping off me and I have a new found confidence I never had before." Diana

3 stone lighter and keeping it off!

"Being a little older I struggle to lose any weight at all. Now I'm down nearly three stone and my weight has stayed stable for the first time in many years. Brilliant stuff!" Frank

Noticed results within a few days

"Leading a busy life and eating the wrong things meant I never had time to watch my weight. It crept up on me but Superfruit Slim has changed all this. I'm literally a new person and couldn't be happier." Steph

* These results are based on using Superfruit Slim use combined with improved diet and exercise.
They do not reflect typical or guaranteed results. Your results may differ.

Superfruit Slim works or your money-back

Every order comes with a 60-day guarantee, so that you can try our product in confidence!

We stand by our product and now you can have the chance to see for yourself, risk-free. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just contact us within 60-days of your order date and we will provide hassle-free returns instructions for you.

The guarantee applies to one opened bottle; any remaining bottles must be kept in a sealed, re-saleable condition.

For full information please visit our terms and conditions.

Shape the Body of Your Dreams
Clinically Provened Weight Loss

Superfruit Slim
Superfruit Slim

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