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Never seen before, the strongest superfruit extracts in one easy to take capsule. Superfruit Slim is a very powerful formula that can promote weight loss quickly, easily and effectively.

  • STRONGEST POSSIBLE EXTRACTS with the Best Superfruits all in ONE Capsule
  • BASED ON CLINICAL RESEARCH with Proven Ingredients that Simply Work
  • MADE IN GMP CERTIFIED FACILITY ensuring the Highest Safety Standards
  • PRECISE FORMULA to work with your body to Promote Fast Weight Loss
  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS for NO Negative Side Effects

Most superfruit formulas only have one or two of ingredients, we have gone one step further to develop a unique and powerful fat loss formula that simply works.

Now you don't have to take your chance with just one solution, with the 4 in 1 superfruit formula.

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It's Official, the Media Loves Superfruits

Since Superfruits first hit the media spotlight, demand has gone through the roof.

A wave of Superfruit MADNESS swept the globe as everyone wanted in on the hottest new "superfood" - for everything from weight loss to detoxing.

Superfruits in the media

As more and more people have experienced and shared the benefits of these amazing fruits, sales have boomed and demand has escalated...

The media is sold on the amazing power of these Superfruits. With the latest research revealing they can be YOUR answer to shedding excess pounds.

It really is worth shouting about and that's why we are proud to offer 4 of the finest, purest Superfruits all in one capsule!

Superfruit Slim really is YOUR secret to losing weight, easily!

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Containing Acai Berry, African Mango and Raspberry Ketone extracts in precisely controlled amounts to give YOU a powerful triple fat loss attack. The multi-targeted approach to weight loss it will help you...

  • BURN MORE FAT by Supercharging Your Metabolism
  • Feel More Awake and More MENTALLY ALERT
  • PROMOTE FAT LOSS using Clinically Proven Ingredients

It's time to smile next time you step on the scales! You can change your life today with Superfruit Slim, because losing weight has just become easier.

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Triple the Superfruits for
Triple the Effect!

Every single part of this exciting product is based on solid scientific research. Every ingredient works in synergy with the others to combine and turn your body into an efficient fat burning machine.

So what sets Superfruit Slim out from the crowd?

Slimmer, more confident you!

Each Superfruit Slim capsule contains incredibly powerful extracts that means you get more from each serving.

  • An astonishing 1,600mg of Acai Berry
  • An amazing 1,200mg of African Mango
  • A perfect 200mg of Raspberry Ketones
  • And a whopping 500mg of Green Tea!

Add all this up and in a daily serving of 2 capsules there is a staggering 3,500mg of the finest natural ingredients we have ever come across.

This is precisely why people are seeing such amazing results, no other manufacturer has managed to do all this in one amazing product....until now.

A Slimmer, More Confident You...

When any cutting edge product is unleashed the best way to see its real results is to get real people like you and me to try it out.

Well the feedback received so far has been nothing short of breathtaking. Everyone who has tried Superfruit Slim has been blown away by the positive effects.

But don't take our word for it, we KNOW it's fantastic but what do others think?

I finally managed to get rid of my flabby belly I had for so long. I feel so much better about myself now

After getting out of breath playing soccer with the kids I knew I had to do something. Superfruit Slim gave me everything I needed!!

I was shocked when I saw my holiday pics this summer. Now I dont have to worry what I look like in a bikini, bring on the summer, I can't wait!

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What our customers think:

Excellent customer care, very quick response and friendly attitude

Very easy to work with the customer service person - she fulfilled my request and was helpful

The support and customer service was excellent! Pills came within two days and when I emailed about a query the reply was very fast and helpful! Great customer service! :-)

Smile Every Time You Step on Those Scales...

Raspberries, African Mango and Acai Berries smell great for a reason: it's nature's way of saying that they are fantastic for your body. We managed to harness the properties of these amazing superfruits to create a ground breaking new supplement.

You will see so many benefits from using Superfruit Slim. You will be simply blown away...

Superfruit Slim is 100% GMP certified and safe!
  • Increased Metabolism: By ramping up your metabolism you increase calorie output so that your body can become more efficient at burning fat.
  • Increased Energy: The special blend of ingredients work together to give you a natural energy boost. There's no better feeling than having energy to burn, and this will give you all you need to get active again.
  • 100% Natural: We were determined that Superfruit Slim would only contain pure, natural ingredients. By using only the most select extracts from the highest quality superfruits, we managed to achieve this.
  • Clinical Research: Every one of the ingredients is supported by scientific studies to show they work in the amounts seen in Superfruit Slim.
  • Money-back Guarantee: The results we see every day from happy customers means we are 100% confident in Superfruit Slim. This way we can offer a no-nonsense 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Superfruit Slim works or your money-back

Put simply, we are so sure you will see results and get the body you deserve with Superfruit Slim that we are happy to offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Superfruit Slim 30-day Money Back Guarantee

All we ask is that you take Superfruit Slim as directed and eat a healthy diet. By also adding gentle exercise you will see faster results. It's a win-win situation, you will feel so good you will want to feel even better!

We have a 24 hour monitored help desk where you can raise a ticket at any time with your queries. We appreciate your feedback as it enables us to provide even better service.

If you are ready to achieve the results you've always wanted, then it's as easy as taking control of your destiny right now.

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